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Executive Creative Producer 

Client: Google

Google I/O 2019

After Dark

Innovative and Interactive

evening programming 

featuring a roller disco, augmented reality arcade, spatial sound performance environment, cirque nouveau lounge, roaming talent and immersive theater pop ups.

Community + Culture

Dynamic programming of local and international artists, as well as creative technologists providing installations and interactive arts.

I/O Arts  


Artists working in the field of machine leaning were selected to present and notable works ranging from performance to large scale installation to film. 

Sougwen Chung - Duet - Performance 

Onformative - Meandering Rivers - Installation

Anna Ridler - Mosaic Virus - Installation

Jenna Sutela - nimiia cétiï film

co-curated by: 

Alex Czetwertynski and Kenric McDowell 

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