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Installations and Beyond 

ZEN TRAP_ Summer 2016

I created a mini-golf hole for Pier 70 Partners in San Francisco.

This technicolored hole utilizes zen aesthetics to illuminate game as meditation and meditation as game. visual alteration of this hole will occur naturally in 3-month span by participant interaction 

DIVINE BLOOD _ June 2016

For The Moon Landing Project [ a period-positive event and fundraiser for The Women's Community Clinic in San Francisco]


I created a mixed media shrine to the cycle. 

40K Family Pyramid Fued _ September 2015


Created for  Symbiosis Gathering 2015 

I assisted on the set design, costumes and performed in this live psychedelic game show which served as late night entertainment for three consecutive nights. 

The Surreal Reveal _ October 2015

A twisted take on modern horror, this Jerry Springer-esque experience blended theater, music, comedy and crisis to create an All Hallow Eve's Event at The Palace Theater in Oakland, CA 

writer, producer, performer, artist coordinator  

The Portal of Lost Kisses 

This beaurucratic approach to sex appeal reveals the cost of lust

kiss your life away

creator, performer

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